Reinmoson Inflatable Swimming Pool, 130″ x 72″ x 22″ Large Kids Pool for Backyard with Elephant Sprinkler

The Reinmoson Inflatable Swimming Pool is a fantastic option for creating a fun and refreshing water play area in your backyard. With its large size and entertaining elephant sprinkler feature, this inflatable pool is sure to provide hours of enjoyment for kids of all ages.

Reinmoson Inflatable Swimming Pool

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Large Kids Pool for Backyard with Elephant Sprinkler


One of the standout features of this pool is its size. Measuring 130″ x 72″ x 22″, it offers ample space for multiple children to splash around and have a great time. This large inflatable pool provides a spacious and comfortable environment, allowing kids to freely move and play without feeling cramped.

The inclusion of an elephant sprinkler adds an exciting element to this inflatable pool. Simply attach a standard garden hose, and the gentle water spray from the elephant’s trunk creates a delightful and refreshing experience for children. The sprinkler feature enhances the fun factor and keeps kids cool on hot summer days.

Withstands vigorous Play

Durability is a key consideration when it comes to inflatable pools, and the Reinmoson Inflatable Swimming Pool does not disappoint. It is constructed from high-quality PVC material that is both sturdy and puncture-resistant. The inflatable pool with sprinkler is designed to withstand active play and can handle the rough and tumble nature of children’s water activities.

Setting up this inflatable pool is a breeze. It comes with a user-friendly air pump, allowing for quick inflation and deflation. The pool features multiple air chambers, which add an extra layer of safety. Even if one chamber is accidentally punctured, the remaining chambers will ensure the pool remains inflated and usable.

Safety is Paramount

Safety is always a top priority, especially when it comes to children and water play. The Reinmoson inflatable swimming pool is designed with safety features in mind. It has rounded edges and smooth surfaces, minimizing the risk of accidental bumps or injuries. Additionally, the pool is free from harmful chemicals, making it safe for children to enjoy without any health concerns.

Aesthetically, this inflatable pool is visually appealing. The vibrant and colorful elephant design is attractive to kids, sparking their imagination and adding to the overall fun atmosphere. The large size and eye-catching design make it a standout addition to any backyard, instantly transforming it into a mini water park.

As with any product, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider. The large size of this pool requires a significant amount of space in your backyard. It may not be suitable for smaller outdoor areas or apartments with limited space. Additionally, the elephant sprinkler function relies on access to a garden hose, which may limit its use in certain locations.


Maintenance is essential to prolonging the lifespan of any inflatable pool. Regular cleaning and proper storage are necessary to prevent mold or mildew growth. It is also important to ensure that sharp objects and debris are kept away from the pool area to avoid punctures or damage.


In conclusion, the Reinmoson Inflatable Swimming Pool is an excellent choice for families seeking a large and exciting inflatable pool for kids. With its generous size, entertaining elephant sprinkler, and durable construction, this pool offers endless fun and enjoyment for children during the summer months. Just make sure you have enough space in your backyard and proper maintenance routines in place to maximize the longevity of this fantastic inflatable pool.

  • The large size provides ample space for multiple children to play
  • Elephant sprinklers add excitement and keep kids cool
  • Durable construction with puncture-resistant PVC material
  • Quick and easy setup with the included air pump
  • Safety features such as rounded edges and chemical-free materials
  • Requires sufficient backyard space due to its large size
  • The elephant sprinkler’s function depends on access to a garden hose
  • Regular maintenance is needed to prevent mold or mildew
  • Limited portability due to the size and weight of the pool
  • Potential for punctures if sharp objects come into contact with the pool

Large Kids Pool for Backyard with Elephant Sprinkler, Hot product

The large size provides ample space for multiple children to play
Any/all of the links on are Amazon affiliate links.

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