Intex 56299EP Splash ‘N Chill Inflatable Island Review: Relaxation and Fun Combined

The Intex 56299EP Splash ‘N Chill Inflatable Island is a versatile and entertaining addition to your poolside relaxation arsenal. With its spacious design and range of features, this inflatable island offers the perfect blend of comfort, entertainment, and convenience.

Spacious Inflatable Float

Measuring 16.25 x 21 x 11.75 inches, the island provides ample space for lounging and socializing. Whether you want to bask in the sun, read a book, or enjoy a refreshing drink with friends, this inflatable island has you covered. The blue and white color scheme adds a touch of style and complements any poolside setting.

Constructed from durable and puncture-resistant vinyl material, the Intex Splash ‘N Chill Inflatable Island is built to withstand the rigors of water activities. This ensures that you can enjoy your inflatable island without worrying about leaks or tears. The material also provides a comfortable surface to relax on, making your poolside experience even more enjoyable.

Inflatable Island Features

One of the standout features of this inflatable island is the built-in cooler. Located in the center of the island, it offers a convenient storage space to keep your favorite beverages chilled throughout your relaxation session. No more trips back and forth to the refrigerator; simply reach into the cooler and grab a cold drink whenever you desire. It’s a fantastic addition that keeps you refreshed and eliminates the need for a separate cooler by the pool.

The Intex 56299EP also includes six cup holders strategically placed around the island. These cup holders ensure that everyone on the island has a secure place to keep their drinks within reach. It’s a thoughtful detail that adds convenience and prevents accidental spills, allowing you to fully unwind without worrying about your beverages.

At a Glance 

Dimensions: 16.25 x 21 x 11.75 inches

Material: Durable and puncture-resistant vinyl

Color: Blue/White

Features: Built-in cooler, 6 cup holders

Stability: Durable handles for easy access and stability

Inflation/Deflation: Quick and easy setup with electric or manual pump

Recommended Use: Calm water conditions (pools or calm lakes)

Portability: Convenient deflation for easy storage and transportation

Safety in Mind

In terms of stability and safety, the island features durable handles on each side, making it easy to climb on and off. These handles also provide a secure grip while in the water, giving you peace of mind as you lounge and enjoy the float. However, it’s important to note that this island is designed for calm water use, so it’s best suited for pools or calm lake conditions rather than rougher waters.

Setting up the Intex Splash ‘N Chill Inflatable Island is simple. It inflates quickly and easily with an electric or manual pump, saving you time and effort. Deflation is just as straightforward, allowing for convenient storage and portability when not in use.

Our Final Word

Overall, the Intex 56299EP Splash ‘N Chill Inflatable Island is a fantastic investment for those seeking relaxation and fun in the pool. Its spacious design, durable construction, built-in cooler, and cup holders make it an excellent choice for socializing or simply unwinding under the sun. Whether you’re hosting pool parties or seeking a private oasis, this inflatable pool island offers a delightful experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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