How to Choose the Best Inflatable Towable Tube for Your Water Escapades

June 5, 2023

Have you ever been at the seaside and looked out to the ocean and saw people having great fun being towed on a huge inflatable banana? Well, the “scientific term” for this type of structure is an inflatable towable tube. The towable tubes come in all different shapes and sizes, anything from a single-manned tube to some that can hold up to 10 adults in one crazy, fun-filled setting. 

The towable inflatables for boats generally require a huge open space of water, making the sea absolutely ideal for them; however, they can also be used in lakes and other bodies of water; just make sure it is safe and everyone wears safety equipment, as you or your riders are more than likely to end up in the water.

Inflatable towable tubes offer thrilling water adventures for individuals or groups. Whether you’re into adrenaline-pumping rides or leisurely cruises, this buying guide will help you choose the right inflatable towable tube for your needs.

Capacity and size

Consider the number of riders you expect on the tube. Look for tubes with a recommended capacity to ensure everyone can ride comfortably. Additionally, check the dimensions of the tube to ensure it fits your intended usage, whether it’s for solo rides or accommodating multiple riders.


Look for towable tubes made from high-quality materials like durable PVC or nylon. Reinforced stitching and strong handles are indicators of a well-constructed tube. To ensure that the tube can withstand the strain and stress experienced during rides, take into account the manufacturer’s recommended weight limit.

Riding Style

Determine your preferred riding style to select the appropriate tube design.

  • Deck Tubes: Ideal for thrill-seekers, deck tubes offer a more intense, fast-paced ride with a lower center of gravity for increased stability.
  • Ride-In Tubes: These tubes feature a cockpit-like design, allowing riders to sit inside and enjoy a more controlled, relaxed ride.

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Safety Features

Prioritize safety by considering the following features:

  • Handles: Look for sturdy and comfortable handles that provide a secure grip during rides. Multiple handles positioned strategically allow riders to adjust their position easily.
  • Safety Valves: Choose tubes with reliable and secure air valves for quick inflation and deflation, preventing air leakage during rides.
  • Tow Points: Check for reinforced tow points that can handle the stress of towing, ensuring a secure connection to the boat’s tow rope.

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Speed and Thrill Level

If you desire high-speed rides and thrilling experiences, opt for tubes with features like deep seats, low-profile designs, or fins for enhanced maneuverability. Tubes with wings or wing-shaped bottoms can provide an exciting ride with added stability.

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Storage and Portability

Consider the ease of storage and transportation when selecting an inflatable towable tube. Look for tubes that can be deflated and folded compactly, allowing for convenient storage in your vehicle or at home. Some tubes come with carrying bags, making it easier to transport them to the water.


By considering the capacity, size, durability, riding style, safety features, speed, portability, and user reviews, you can find the perfect inflatable towable tube for your water adventures. This buying guide will assist you in selecting a tube that provides hours of thrilling fun and memorable experiences on the water.

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